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The collection of images that comprise of my gallery.


All the deviations I have favourited. With luck, one of yours might be in here...
I don't take requests from anybody except a select few people*.  Simply because I know that I'll never get around to doing it, and you won't get anything to show for it ^^;

*Some of you already know who you are, others it's implied, and for the rest you simply have to ask to find out.

Also, on some good news;  I'm finally getting my ingrown toenails sorted out and hopefully cured.

That is all.


Marcus 'Badger' Birchill
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Alt account: :iconvignette-inkhoof:

AU EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design

Hello. My name is Marcus "the Badger" Birchill. I'm from somewhere in Krae Glas in the Kingdom of Lochac (SCA).

I'm a Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker artist, drawer, writer and musician. I'm a fan of My Little Pony: Friendshic is Magic, Team Fortress 2, and Fallout, amongst other fandoms. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my productivity is pretty low.

Weekly schedule:
Monday - Uni starting at 9 and ending at 12, usually hanging back until six. Usually due to having two to three hours sleep the night before, I will likely not be online.
Tuesday - Movie night with family. Not likely to be online, though if up early or no movie is being seen, I might be on Steam.
Wednesday - Completely free, will be on Steam. May be playing video games with people on that day, though.
Thursday - Usually free, will likely be on Steam. Time for chatting, role-playing and generally being social. Might disappear at some point to relocate to my dad's place for the weekend, if not on Friday.
Friday - Generally free. If not on Friday, will disappear for a few hours for dinner, movie and relocating to Dad's. May not be online early because of possible late night, log on time approx. 8-10 PM AEST
Saturday - Scheduled day for fortnightly Dungeons and Dragons. Due to schedules and such, a session may or may not be happening. Might take day offline for break if not, so appearance subject to desire for creativity and mood.
Sunday - Day before university, will very likely not be online, either to catch up on work or sleep.

Also, generally speaking, I will be able to respond to you on Steam if I am playing any of these games:
Garry's Mod
Source Filmmaker
The Stanley Parable
Saint's Row the Third
Dawn of War II (possibly)
Portal or Portal 2
Half-Life 2 and it's sequels
Quantum Conundrum

Family, friends and pseudo-family:
:iconsigmatheartist: - real brother Drift Compatible Button 2 by RoyalBlackheart
:iconconnor-the-sniper: :icongoogolplax: :iconphotoshoplovingraven: - cousins
:iconchirurgeon: - father
:iconamandahuffleduck: - mother
:iconshadow-toky: - girlfriend Drift Compatible Button 2 by RoyalBlackheart
:iconbladelordx66: :icondeltadumpy: :iconsliferbenten: :iconsezali: - real-life friends
:iconzerus63: :iconatgf: :icontheoryoftheinnocent: :iconxxcressymoonxx: :iconillumint: - pseudo-family
:iconscreendrawingshit: :iconl4r-the-defective: :iconelliot151: :icontehhappypanda: :iconxxjw91xx: :iconturkish-phantom: :iconspays: :iconsnipingspy: :iconvelgarn: :icondarkrenegade92: :iconhalcoon-145: :iconhero361: :icontbwinger92: :iconxprincess-glinda: :icondiamonikon: :iconmiel1994: :iconnexxion: :icond0ntst0pme: :iconandrewnuva199: :iconguywiththesuitcase: :icondragon-v0942: :iconchiramii-chan: :iconf1r3w4rr10r: :iconhanmologm::iconpenby::icondarkwee009: - internet friends of varying degrees.

Awesome non-gmod pictures by friends:

MLP Anthro - Storm and Illu (Sketch) by Velgarn Torque and Berry anthro by cave-man-spays Torque (Request) by Halcoon-145 I Am Being Stealthy by SezaLi jw's op mech (WIP) by Spays:thumb398823950:Commision: Shea n doc by Menaria:thumb399871756::thumb397788952:TF2 - Chibi Genderswapped Badger and Sigma by SigmatheArtistR63 Vignette by Halcoon-145R63 Torque by Halcoon-145Ponymon: Vignette (Birthday Gift) by Banditmax201stormbadger in a box :3 by blackflames12MLP:FiM - Blade v Machine (Stormbadger's Request) by SigmatheArtist:thumb401370412::thumb401423104: :thumb404284324: :thumb405856806: :thumb409141013: :thumb409996875:

Character ships I have for my gmod OCs:
Storm and Palette ((c) IlluMint)
Kaiser and Kat ((c) xXCressyMoonXx)
Myranda and Theodore ((c) TheoryoftheInnocent)
Torque and Berry ((c) Zerus63)
Talyn and Ryoku ((c) darkrenegade92)
Darkbadger, Devilsmoke ((c) Diamonikon) and Vlaky ((c) bantuatha)
Marcus the Badger and Janie Doe ((c) Shadow-Toky)

Favourite genre of music: Classical, alternative, metal, techno, soundtrack etc.
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, garry's mod screenshots, fiction, traditional and digital art
Operating System: Windows 7.
MP3 player of choice: iPod, phone and computer.


SFM - Haunted Town by Stormbadger
SFM - Haunted Town
The title's unimaginative, but hey, it's 3 in the morning, I can't exactly devote much effort to picture titles, let alone correcting typos I make.

This was mainly just me putting MtB and Shadow-Toky's Janie in different yet similar costume choices, for the sake of variety.  Also lighting tests.

Anyway, enjoy.

Janie (c) Shadow-Toky
Marcus the Badger and image (c) Me
SFM - Venturing by Stormbadger
SFM - Venturing
I'd say WARNING: Anthro pony alert but it's kind of obvious from the thumbnail.

Refining my technique for anthros in SFM, figured I'd submit a fully-rendered and lit picture to show of that I don't completely and totally suck at it.

Anyway, enjoy.

Vignette (c) Me
Dark Souls (c) From Software
Image (c) Me
SFM - Five Nights at Freddy's get by Stormbadger
SFM - Five Nights at Freddy's get
So, Shadow-Toky got me a copy of Five Nights at Freddy's, likely to see me flail and screech while playing it.  And I figured I'd make a comic in response to her gift.


MtB (c) Me
Five Nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon
Image (c) Me
SFM - Amei ''Mick' Mikandiu by Stormbadger
SFM - Amei ''Mick' Mikandiu
Another far-too-scantily-clad-than-she's-actually-supposed-to-be character I created a few weeks back.  Haven't got much on her (if anything), though I know in DnD terms she's probably a fighter or ranger or something.  Maybe she's half-elven, I don't know.

She'll probably end up being an NPC in one of my DnD games or an RP character for something.  Or both. 

Anyway, enjoy.

Mick (c) Me
Image (c) Me
Vignette (tablet test drawing) by Stormbadger
Vignette (tablet test drawing)
Another drawing test, this time seeing if I could draw something I'm actually good at drawing on it.  Turns out, I still need some more practice with the tablet.

Anyway, enjoy.

Vignette and image (c) Me

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No, I don't take requests.
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